Campaign Speech

Deputy Chief Kevin Grubb retires after 24 years with the Frederick Police Department.

Cost Saving ETIX technology Implemented.

The department at one time had two captains and a civilian acting in that capacity, but retirement and budget cuts had left Capt. Kevin Grubb as the only bureau chief. "It was a significant workload and not ideal for an agency this size," Dine said.

Retired Deputy Chief Kevin Grubb provides safety tips for realtors.

Hatch Act slams door on Grubb run for Sheriff in 2010.

Lieutenant Kevin Grubb Patrol Commander takes Captain's post.

Captain Grubb speaks to Democrats on Immigration issues in the City.

Chief Kim C. Dine is pleased to announce the graduation of Captain Kevin V. Grubb from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Maryland Excellence in Leadership Course.

Mayor adds language into union contract that could cost tax payers thousands  Chief and Deputy Chief state they will not allow new costly prevision.

Captain Grubb attends Police Executive Research Forum in Washington D.C. on Economic Downturn and impact on Law Enforcement.

We also cut back on the number of training days per month for our SWAT team, so that we can have them on the street more. Another thing we did was a bit creative. One of our deputy chiefs, Kevin Grubb, came up with this idea. We’re CALEA accredited, and it’s always a challenge to convince elected officials that it’s worth the cost and effort to maintain that accreditation. So we combined the accreditations manager position with our records supervisor, and turned two positions into one so that we could maintain our accreditation.

How not to be a victim (NAC meeting)

The Good, the Bad, and the Future of Carroll Creek Linear Park.

County Public Safety is a family affair, Tracy Grubb 2005

In February 2004, Tuscarora Elementary School PTA member Tracy Grubb started a movement to shift crossing guard duties from a volunteer basis to one organized under the sheriff’s office to provide oversight and liability coverage for interested residents. Nearly a year later, after the identification of 14 county intersections in need, the grassroots movement has finally become a reality. Plans for another meeting in late February are already in the works. In the meantime, Ms. Grubb promises not to let the issue drop.

"We realize this is a process," she said. "We're not expecting something to happen next week. But we'll be relentless. We'll nag you to death."

Jail Suicides, Frederick County Sheriff Jenkins "At this point, I am not sure the public has a whole lot of sympathy for these individuals," Jenkins said. Unfortunately, Jenkins said, about 40 percent of inmates who come through the detention center have addiction and/or mental health issues.

The fair will also be paying eight off-duty deputies from the Sheriff's Office to work at the beer garden, a new and controversial addition to fair this year. Though Sheriff Chuck Jenkins (R) barred deputies from moonlighting in uniform in 2007, he said he approved eight officers to work at the fair's beer garden next week because it is a permitted event. The Fair Board pays the officers directly.

"We don't generally work at establishments that sell alcohol," Jenkins said. "We changed our policy because of all the wine festivals. It's become a public safety issue. I also encouraged deputies on patrol to stop in and to take their meal breaks at the fair to create more of a presence." Read more…