Campaign Speech

Since filing to run for sheriff people have asked me why are you doing this, are you crazy, you know people will be mean, it’s a big job, do you think you can make a difference” and I always hesitate and I tell them “ Ya I can make a huge difference,  because I’ll give you more service and less politics”  The safety of our families, our kids, our neighbors and friends deserve the best we can afford.   Our safety should not involve personal agendas.  Public Safety shouldn’t be influenced by who you are, where you live, whether I like you or not, or whether I agree with the event that is occurring.  

Our public Safety should be the one thing you can depend on and I’m confident I can show you what that looks like.    

While attending Leadership Frederick in 2010 we visited a large dairy farm run by Chuck Fry and his family in the Point of Rocks area.  Chuck explained to our group the importance of staying current on crop science and the constant need to look for other methods to keep the farm productive, that being a farmer requires you to get up early and go to bed late, and use technology to make things operate more efficient.  Law enforcement to me is a lot like farming.  You do it because you love it, you stay up late thinking about what you can do better, you’re doing something the citizens need, you embrace technology because it makes your job easier and more efficient, and most of all, what we do impacts our families, friends and neighbors and that's extremely important.  Like the food we eat, the people of Frederick County deserve the best police service for their tax dollars and I can promise you, there is so much more.  

Our new form of Government will require our Sheriff’s Office to be more responsive, working with a new County Executive and 7 new Council members to solve Issues County wide. 

If I am elected the residents of the county will get to meet and learn the faces of the Sheriff’s Office, because the Sheriff can’t do it alone. The employees of the Sheriff’s office will be encouraged to get involved, seek out and participate in training opportunities, be innovative, speak up, and make a difference in their work place and in their communities. I will make the Sheriff’s office more accessible, responsive, inclusive, open and more visible and active throughout the entire county.  I will not turn down relevant technology or grant opportunities when offered and will be diligent about making the operations of the Sheriff’s Office more efficient, and effective for both the employees and the public.  

If I can ask you one favor before you leave here today. Please share my message with your friends and family, because with your help we can make great things happen in Frederick County.